Haptotherapy is based on haptonomy, 'the psychological science' of the body. Or in other words: a natural way to "Learn listening (better) to yourself".
By means of talking and bodywork, you understand more and more what your body and your feelings are trying to tell you.
In this way you get a better notion of yourself, the way you are and how you behave.
It offers you more insight and helps you to find your way in life, work, sport, relations and emotions.
When you have a better understanding of your feelings and a clearer awareness of yourself, it's easier to connect with other people, whilst maintaining your own identity.

Sometimes the influences and demands of the modern society disables you to choose. You don't know what to do, how to feel or what choices to make. This can build up so much tension that it results in a lot of problems. For instance: burn out, hyperventilation, headaches, worrying and low energy.
Through acknowledging your emotions and feelings, you enable your body and mind to find their natural way, to integrate again and work together.
Learning by experiencing and feeling is a much quicker way than through reading and talking only.
By experiencing feelings your recognition of what's real for you and what's not, improves.
Haptonomy combines thinking and feeling, or in other words, insight with experience.
It can help you to make better choices, hold on to your boundaries, and get better access to your talents and possibilities.

Costs for a consult is: € 79,00 *
* prices include 21% VAT