Imagine you could use all your possibilities and talents...
What could be possible? How would your life look like? How would you feel?

Maybe you are quite content with your live as it is. That's great of course.
And maybe somehow you still have the feeling, that there could be more to it, that you could accomplish more, or could get just that little bit more out of live than you do now.
All of us have moments of insecurity from time to time, about what we want, what directions we want to go and in what way. Sometimes this feeling can be very vague: "Maybe I'm just a discontented person." In such undefinable situations, it's often difficult to find out what holds you back from making new steps in life, from developing further.
"Is it the world outside that holds me back, or is it me. Do I feel it's impossible to change or are there some hidden reasons, why I won't change. Is it fear?"
What do we really need to do to achieve or expand our possibilities? And how do we reach our goals? An interesting question is: "How did I do it, when I did succeed or when I was happy?"
So the question is: "What do I want?" and of course "What is it I don't want?"
"What is really important to me in life?" "What do I stand for?"

The way I work helps you to get to know yourself better. Through conversation, assessment and good practices, you learn to discover your own resources. You get more feeling for, and insight into what you want to achieve and how to manage getting there.

Costs for a consult: € 98,00 *
* prices include 21% VAT